Wind Wizard Waterborne Drying



The WIND WIZARD gives auto body shops the ability to paint more cars with waterborne paint in far less time. The WIND WIZARD frees up the biggest bottle neck in every body shop which is the spray booth and adds efficiency and savings to the entire paint job process.

The WIND WIZARD maximizes shop’s ability to produce quality paint jobs by moving more air than any system on the market. By shortening both base coat dry times and clear coat bake times the WIND WZARD maximizes production and minimizes running costs. If you're spraying waterborne, the WIND WIZARD is a must have and an  absolute key to profitability. 

Prior to installation of the WIND WIZARD, body shops reported drying of waterborne paint taking more than 20 minutes. With the WIND WIZARD drying time has been reduced to under 5 minutes. The WIND WIZARD allows your employees to put little time and effort into drying paint and just focus on applying it.

Production is not only dramatically shorter with the WIND WIZARD it is also far more consistent which means temperature and humidity won't cause unexpected backups!


These unit come completely assembled which means very little down time at installation.  4 corner or offset units can be mounted in around an hour! A through the wall unit adds approximately 1 hour to installation. Other water based drying systems result in days of downtime and unnecessary damage to your spraybooth.


With 4 different types of units and custom units available, The WIND WIZARD can be retrofitted into any existing spray booth.

Each unit comes with its own motor and fully adjustable nozzles, a laser light is supplied to aim the nozzles so that air is directed exactly where it needs to be.

All WIND WIZARD units are completely explosion proof. They draw in heated, filtered cabin air and filter it again through the top or front of the unit with 99.4% efficiency filters.


INDEPENDENT ON/OFF CONTROL: Painter can operate all four blowers by pressing the start button or can operate only needed blowers by pressing individual start buttons

SPEED CONTROL: 4 variable frequency drives gives you the ability to adjust the air speed. Drives also improve energy efficiency and extend motor life

TIMED CONTROL: user can run blowers for  a timed period. desired time is entered on the touch screen. motors will run for set time, screen will display time remaining while they run then they will automatically shut down and alert the painter with a buzzer. Timer then resets for next drying period

AUTO MODE: when enabled runs blowers automatically in bake. this creates a convection oven that transfers the hot cabin air to car parts faster. the result is   a dramatically shorter bake time and a much harder finish on the clear

REMOTE CONTROL: gives the painter ON/OFF control from a hand held remote that can be used inside the cabin.

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